MM-Narrator: Narrating Long-form Videos with Multimodal In-Context Learning

University of Sydney      Microsoft GenAI      Advanced Micro Devices

MM-Narrator is a training-free framework towards automatic audio description (AD) generation for long-form videos via iterations: for each scene, it perceives multimodal inputs (i.e., seeing visual frames and hearing character dialogues), recalls the context AD depicting past scenes, and infers AD prediction for the current scene.


We present MM-Narrator, a novel system leveraging GPT-4 with multimodal in-context learning for the generation of audio descriptions (AD). Unlike previous methods that primarily focused on downstream fine-tuning with short video clips, MM-Narrator excels in generating precise audio descriptions for videos of extensive lengths, even beyond hours, in an autoregressive manner. This capability is made possible by the proposed memory-augmented generation process, which effectively utilizes both the short-term textual context and long-term visual memory through an efficient register-and-recall mechanism. These contextual memories compile pertinent past information, including storylines and character identities, ensuring an accurate tracking and depicting of story-coherent and character-centric audio descriptions. Maintaining the training-free design of MM-Narrator, we further propose a complexity-based demonstration selection strategy to largely enhance its multi-step reasoning capability via few-shot multimodal in-context learning (MM-ICL). Experimental results on MAD-eval dataset demonstrate that MM-Narrator consistently outperforms both the existing fine-tuning-based approaches and LLM-based approaches in most scenarios, as measured by standard evaluation metrics. Additionally, we introduce the first segment-based evaluator for recurrent text generation. Empowered by GPT-4, this evaluator comprehensively reasons and marks AD generation performance in various extendable dimensions.

AD Generation with MM-Narrator

AD Evaluation with SegEval

Qualitative Results on MAD-eval Benchmark

MM-Narrator Data

We will release our data later, covering both AD generation and evaluation. For AD generation via MM-Narrator, we will release:

  • prompts and responses (i.e., generated ADs)
  • intermediate outputs of multimodal experts
  • CoTs articulated via LLM
For AD evaluation with SegEval, we will release the prompts and responses (i.e., raw marks with reasoning).


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We are deeply grateful to OpenAI for providing access to their exceptional tool. We also extend heartfelt thanks to our Microsoft colleagues for their insights, with special acknowledgment to Faisal Ahmed, Ehsan Azarnasab, and Lin Liang for their constructive feedback.

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